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Drainage systems we install.

Cyprex Construction Landscapes designs and installs all types of site specific drainage systems.

Our drainage systems take into account your property and personal requirements such as water retention, infiltration and water re- utilization typical for the location as well as space required.

Our drainage installations are as simple as to connect your roof downspout to a lateral line and hence take it away form your structure, or a bit more complicated where we will catch all lot's rain water or other and leave it on site for future use or slow ground water dissipation via infiltration systems or other methods.  This are just some of the systems we installed.

Drainge systemInfiltration system

These systems are big enough to catch and store a 24 hour storm system.  This dissipation infiltration water detention system is only 5' Dia. x 20' Deep with a rock cavity that doubles its retention.


Drainage systemNatural infiltration detaintion system

We use solid or corrugated drainage pipe to collect and or drain storm water.

We also install natural collector or water dissipation swales.

Swale water runoff infiltration systemOrnamental grassWater pump


We promote the use of grasses and other water loving and tolerant planting material in our water swales.




Contact us by Email: info@ecyprex.com  or you can call us at (408) 971-4274

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